Membrelor sindrom varicos inferior formă post trombophlebitic

PTS refers to the signs and symptoms that occur as long term consequences of DVT. By Gautam Shrikhande, MD. Post- thrombophlebitic syndrome is a symptom complex that corresponds to different stages of venous insufficiency, which can develop for various reasons. Deci, diagnosticul de sindrom post- flebitid se face în cazul unei combinații a principalelor semne de insuficiență venoasă cronică funcțională a extremităților inferioare. Post- thrombotic syndrome ( PTS), also called postphlebitic syndrome and venous stress disorder is a medical condition that may occur as a long- term complication of deep vein thrombosis ( DVT).

Symptoms: oedema of lower extremities, dilated leg veins and collateral venous channels in the lower abdomen. La nivelul membrului inferior drept se observă valori mai scăzute faţă de membrul inferior stâng: bărbaţi = 43 de cazuri ( 13, 39 % din întreg lotul de bărbaţi) femei = 48 de cazuri ( 14, 95 % din întreg lotul de femei) cumulat pe ambele sexe găsim o valoare absolută de 91 de cazuri, ceea ce reprezintă 28, 34 % din totalul pacienţilor. In patients with deep venous thrombosis ( DVT), the most significant immediate concern is that of pulmonary embolus.
Membrelor sindrom varicos inferior formă post trombophlebitic. Se manifestă sub formă de: durere, oboseală, edem, tulburări trofice, vene varicoase compensatorii etc. It is very important for the phlebologist to establish these reasons to try, through the prescribed treatment, to reduce the severity of the symptoms, so negatively affecting the life of patients. Obstruction of inferior vena cava, often result from thrombosis by extension from ileofemoral veins, next causes- external compression and neoplastic invasion. Over the next several months to years, however, development of post thrombotic syndrome ( PTS) presents a much more prevalent chronic morbidity. Despite considerable progress in the diagnosis and treatment of deep- vein thrombosis ( DVT) of the lower extremities, one of every 2- 3 patients will develop within 2 years post- thrombotic sequelae, which are severe in approximately 10% of cases and produce considerable socio- economic consequences.

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